Tokyo 2020


Cerco di abbonarmi ad Eurosport per vedere le Olimpiadi (ovunque mi trovi quindi via internet).

Il ToS afferma che i loro servizi sono fruibili in tutta EU quindi nessun problema.
Creo un account e mi appresto a pagare l’abbonamento.
E’ necessaria una carta di credito ITALIANA giusto perche’ mi sto connettendo dall’Italia (perche’?).
La mia CC olandese ovviamente non viene accettata (perche’?).
Mi connetto in VPN con l’Olanda (Paesi Bassi se vogliamo essere precisi).
Adesso mi chiede una carta di credito olandese.
No. “Errore generico” (!!!!).

Risparmio dei soldi e chiedo la cancellazione dell’account.
Ho 30m di tempo per trovare una soluzione “alternativa”.

(non sopporto le “esclusive” e tantomeno i siti che non facilitano il pagamento)


So in my new job I talk everyday with people from different nationalities and they keep suggesting movies or documentaries on Netflix (for which I have an active subscription).

But very often (== always) I can’t find the content for the usual reasons.

going cleanboogalooI’m really pissed off and you know what that means…

PS: I know that I can trick Netflix with a vpn or some other method. I don’t care. I’m trying to behave.

PPS: as a Netflix subscriber you have to follow also this website. Because if you don’t it can happen that one evening you may want to watch a not-so-important-movie and discover that… well. you can’t.

My 2009 iPhone 3GS is telling me something…

Yesterday I noticed something odd about my very old (and dear) iPhone 3GS:

My 5 yo iPhone 3GS

My 5 yo iPhone 3GS

So, excluding a pregnancy, probably I have to say goodbye to one of the best (at least design-wise) iPhone ever made. I’ll try a trip to the Genius bar to see what Apple can do… but I’m afraid I will not be able to use that anymore.

PS: the Genius on duty offered a refurbished 3GS for the cost of the battery, very good!