Tires almost gone…

So it seems that I’m always having fun with my car. I’m not.

But when it happens (just a few times a year) I’d like to remember it…

Normally I’m busy monitoring stuff, puppetizing stuff, dockerizing stuff, pythonizing stuff at my wonderful new job in Amsterdam. Yes, I completely forgot to update you on this small part of my life… let’s postpone that again ­čÖé


So in my new job I talk everyday with people from different nationalities and they keep suggesting movies or documentaries on Netflix (for which I have an active subscription).

But very often (== always) I can’t find the content for the usual reasons.

going cleanboogalooI’m really pissed off and you know what that means…

PS: I know that I can trick┬áNetflix with a vpn or some other method. I don’t care. I’m trying to behave.

PPS: as a Netflix subscriber you have to follow also this website. Because if you don’t it can happen that one evening you may want to watch a not-so-important-movie and discover that… well. you can’t.