Pacific Rim

Bitterly disappointed. It’s just a “fine” blend of:

  • Godzilla (Gojira) & co.
  • Evangelion (to be seen without esitation: surely more authentic and enjoyable, if you want to ditch the 1995 TVseries try the recent re-made movies by Hideaki Anno)
  • Transformers (what a load of crap)
  • with traces of:
    • Top Gun
    • Starship troopers
    • and obviously Gundam!

Add some good old “american way” to the max. Weak and banal plot. CGI effects… the same. Funny guidande system that requires two human pilots with a neural connection but a direct mechanical contact to walk. And: the master of giant robots (the Japanese in the seventies) already knew that putting the command center in the head of the robot it’s a little bit risky (no way Amuro Rei sits there) but no! We’ll put everything in there!

I was expecting a lot more from Guillermo Del Toro. Sure he enjoed his visit to Odaiba. This kind of tribute to japanese anime/robot is normally enjoyable but not this american-powered version.