Is cinema dying?

“The quality of the in-home experience has really increased – both in terms of picture quality, sound quality and also the quality of content,” says Leipzig. “It’s completely competitive with what we might see in a cinema. In fact, I’d argue that the best writing and the best character development is generally happening on Web series, or televisions series. I would include shows created by Netflix, or by cable networks – there’s better character work and better writing, than we see in most studio movies.”

This is an excerpt from this article which is a must-read for every cinema/HT fanatic.

If the future of cinema is not in imminent danger (according to those numbers) at least we have to note that the future of content consumption is changing. Right now we are changing radically the way we consume content (in normal households there is probably a simple HDTV+cable/satellite receiver but in more evolved ones online services [and piracy] are the next step) and one thing that slows the process is an old business model. Another reason could be in fact that writing and character development are a good motive for ditching movies (and theaters of course). How often, after seeing a movie, do you hear the same comments: “good sfx, costumes, locations… but no compelling story and weak characters ?

I sense audiences growing tired with franchises and reboots